CarSeatSteamCleaningIt’s been a long time to have the fresh smell from your car ? Yes, which means it’s time to call cleantoshine’s Car cleaners. Even though you may have taken enough precautions to keep your car clean you may find dust, dirt on the floor and handprints, oil marks in the car somewhere on the seat or top of the seat. You can’t avoid this is being happening, because most of us spend our early morning and early evening travelling in the car , to & fro to work. During this time some people do their breakfast, some people drink coffee, some do makeup’s and some parents dropping †their kids so there is fair bit of chances of dropping food or drinks in the car. Many of us will have lovely pets in the car while we drive and it may be a bad day for our pet and vomited or urinated the car seats while taking them to VAT.†

Everybody should take immediate response after any vomit or urine thrown by pet or kid in the car, it’s a biohazard for the person who will be travelling in that car after that if its not cleaned. If you smell the mould in the car , the affected area should be detected and treated by car steam cleaning immediately with particular process. Too much dust and dirt can increase the chances of occurrence of an Asthma or Allergy. We use safe chemicals to clean the car seats and interior cleaning.†

Car seat steam cleaning can make a new look and increase the couple of hundreds if you are thinking to sale it. Our prices is very low compare the bill of medicines, why not choose to take precaution.†


We remove the floor mats. Vacuum the seats, and the carpet. Using the proper attachment, under the seats, around the pedals and the area between front seats and central console. Vacuum floor mats separately.†

Cleaning fabric seats and door upholstery†

Using the Safe cleaning Products and steam cleaning machine and upholstery tool the seats will be cleaned.

On request, we can use pet urinal odor removal product so that the car will be hygienically safe to seat.

Cleaning the carpet and boot upholstery

Clean the carpet the same way you cleaned the seats and upholstery.